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My dog howled every time I hit a certain note on my bamboo flute. He would lift up his head and cry as if he were calling upon a sweetheart in another village. I am not musically inclined in any form …

By Jean Johnson I sat around a table with those who were determining my fate as a vocational missionary to Cambodia. They were interviewing me based on my

By Jean Johnson There seems to be a discrepancy between how Jesus prepared His disciples for missions and the way the West prepares modern day disciples for missions.

By Jean Johnson It seems like on some subconscious level . . . We doubt Jesus is enough based on His own merit . . . It’s like we need to win people to something else to win them to Jesus.

By Jean Johnson DAY 1 affects DAY 100* I can’t understand why Sopheap decided to revert back to Buddhism after seemingly becoming a devoted Christ follower.

This table below is adapted from Glenn Penner by Ronnie & Wouter in their article “Dependency.” A Healthy Church Is: 1. Self-imaged Views itself as the Body of Christ in its local situation, indep …