What Are “DAY 1 affects DAY 100 Habitudes”?

By Jean Johnson

DAY 1 affects DAY 100*

I can’t understand why Sopheap decided to revert back to Buddhism after seemingly becoming a devoted Christ follower.

There is a good chance that Sopheap reverted back to his worldview and religious traditions because the cross-cultural disciple-maker missed something significant in the beginning stages of his discipleship process.

What cross-cultural Christian workers think, say, and do on Day 1 will either empower or disempower local people to be all they can be for God in their communities on Day 100. In other words, what we do in the beginning will have either negative or positive effects in the long-term.

If we apply the 2 Timothy 2:2 principle to our strategies, our goal as ‘sent ones’ is to conduct ourselves in such a way that the local people are able to multiply four plus generations. In this case, our goal would be to do everything in our power in the beginning so that local people are able to easily reproduce from one generation to the next for the long-term.


Habitudes is a combination of attitudes and habits. There are certain attitudes and habits that will enable the cross-cultural worker on Day 1 to create a culture of sustainability, multiplication, and movement for the local believers, disciples, and churches on Day 100.

The purpose of this blog category is to create a bank vault of habitudes that will build your capacity to serve cross-culturally in a way that enables your hosts to sustain, reproduce, and multiply all the good things of God’s kingdom in their communities.

Hopefully the DAY 1 affects DAY 100 Habitudes presented in upcoming blogs will equip you as you serve people like Sopheap.

* DAY 1 affects DAY 100 is part of Five Stones Global’ branding and a quote from the book We Are Not The Hero: A Missionary’s Guide For Sharing Christ, Not a Culture of Dependency


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