Courses, coaching, and training to enhance your cross-cultural work

We provide missionaries, teams, and organizations with the training and coaching needed to multiply disciples using biblical, reproducible, and culturally effective approaches that avoid mission-generated unhealthy dependency.

How we sharpen your mission methods

We offer three virtual courses via Zoom, post-course 2- to 3-day in-person immersive gatherings, and follow-up coaching designed to help you multiply disciples using biblical, reproducible, and culturally effective approaches.

We customize the dates of our virtual courses to accommodate potential cohorts, schedules, and various time zones. We would love to keep you in the loop of potential course offerings.

1. Three Virtual Courses

We offer three different virtual courses—DAY 1 affects DAY 100, Not With Ink, and We Are Not The Hero using highly creative and participatory methods. There is a brief description of each course below with the opportunity to learn more.

Virtual Course

DAY 1 affects DAY 100

Do you want to prepare yourself for building a healthy foundation (DAY 1) that leads to multiplication and cultural effectiveness over the long term (DAY 100) in your host communities? If so, this is the perfect course for you. In this 8-module course, a Five Stones Global trainer will guide you or your team through a creative e-book via Zoom that creates space for communal readings, discussions, and application.

Virtual Course

Not With Ink: Multiplying Oral-Friendly, Worldview-Intentional Bible Storying Circles

This course cohesively blends orality, Bible storying, worldview, and disciple-making principles in one course. A Five Stones Global trainer will guide you or your team via weekly Zoom calls using an e-book that includes imagery, communal readings, stories, proverbs, videos, examples, discussions, role plays, skill development, prayer, and practical application. You will walk away with ideas, tools, and skills for multiplying disciples using worldview-effective oral strategies.

Virtual Course

We Are Not The Hero

This 8-week course centers on reading or listening to the popular book We Are Not the Hero, watching videos, and participating in weekly Zoom calls for discussion and application. This course will help missionaries, teams, and organizations to prayerfully think through strategies that avoid or overcome dependency through multiplication, indigeneity, and sustainability. (We utilize the Grow2Serve learning platform to manage the course logistics.)

2. 2- to 3-Day In-Person Immersive Gatherings

Based on our courses, some participants want to dig deeper and develop action steps with their teams or cohorts on a specific topic. In this case, Five Stones Global will host a 2- to 3-day in-person immersive co-learning experience using the Art of Hosting methods such as circle conversations, global cafes, story harvesting, and more. If this resonates with you, let’s talk shop.

3. Follow-Up Coaching

Upon completing our virtual courses, participants often desire to put principles into real-time action steps within their specific context. In these cases, Five Stones Global guides the coachees in creating SMART goals and action steps through personalized coaching. If this is you, let’s talk about specifics.    

We specialize in serving these groups

Cross-cultural workers and teams

excited to redefine methods of success in working with indigenous communities

House church networks

in the West who already employ a biblical, simple, and reproducible church model and want to carry that DNA into global mission efforts 

Mission organizations

ready to explore how to center their mission praxis around a sustainable approach to multiplying the gospel

How it works

1) Get in touch

Meet our team to explore what virtual course or courses are best for you.

2) Receive practical coaching and training

Learn principles and practices from experienced mission workers to multiply disciples using biblical, reproducible, and culturally effective approaches that avoid mission-generated unhealthy dependency.

3) Produce long-term impact

Be inspired by the birth and spread of biblically-faithful and culturally-effective communities of faith that multiply throughout a people group.


Hear from others

“I have NEVER seen a training so well put together as this one. I liked how you took us step by step in learning and growing. It wasn’t too slow, and not too fast. You gave everybody lots of material and it was exciting to have Jean join us! You both did a great job!!”

~ Craig Swanson, We Are Not The Hero Participant

“We have been having many meetings trying to determine the “who, what, when, where, and how” in our cross-cultural ministry among refugees and immigrants. This training has expanded our vision and made us more effective. ‘Effective’ is a keyword because we don’t want to walk away saying, ‘We did a great job!’ And those we serve walk away saying, ‘What in the world were they saying.’ You have been a big piece in helping us do that better!”

~ Pam, Not With Ink Participant

Solutions to Overcoming Unhealthy Dependency 

We’ve dedicated 40 years to helping missionaries and cross-cultural workers carry out the Great Commission in biblically-mandated, culturally-relevant, and reproducible ways. We’re glad you’re here and look forward to sharing more about our work with you.

Free Guide

4-Steps for Making Cross-Cultural Decisions for Maximum Impact

A tool designed to help you make missiological decisions that produce local dignity, sustainability, and multiplication

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