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Oral-Friendly, Worldview-Intentional Bible Storying Circles

70 percent of the world’s population are oral to semi-oral learners. Not With Ink, a program of Five Stones Global, takes you on a fascinating journey of building your confidence and competency in making disciples, planting churches, and training leaders among oral cultures in worldview-specific ways.

NOT WITH INK is a rare opportunity to learn from missionary coaches with years of experience in other worldviews.

Not With Ink — training specifics 

  • Utilizes oral methods in the training itself, such as imagery, stories, proverbs, videos, and role plays
  • Includes a coach leading participants through communal readings, activities, dialogue, prayer, and application via an e-book on Zoom
  • Creates community and facilitates shared wisdom among participants
  • Integrates disciple-making movement principles
  • Blends a worldview deep dive with orality and Bible storying beyond the typical. 

Not With Ink includes an introduction and buy-in opportunity so participants can explore the content, sense the level of commitment, and tailor the meeting times to the needs and schedules of the group.   

Not With Ink’s engaging 20 modules will help participants move beyond theory to application and go deep instead of merely wide. The lessons fly by, and participants are passionate about continuing to develop their skills.

Not With Ink Program Costs: We offer this program to missionaries and cross-cultural workers for a donation of any amount.

Not With Ink — outcomes participants can expect 

  • Identify learning styles
  • Skillfully tell Bible stories and use other modes of oral communication
  • Connect key worldview insights to oral-friendly methods
  • Link their host’s worldview to their Bible storying
  • Create Bible Story sets that are worldview-specific
  • Lead and multiply Bible Storying Circles

Why we created Not With Ink 

Keeping sustainability at the center of your mission work can increase your missional effectiveness and avoid common missionary pitfalls. Not With Ink is one of the many ways our team of missional experts helps you deliver long-term impact and carry out the Great Commission in biblically-mandated, culturally-relevant, and reproducible ways. 

We’re dedicated to providing missionaries with the coaching, training, and practical tools needed to multiply disciples organically among their host communities—utilizing biblical, reproducible models.

Get started with Not With Ink

Do you have questions about Not With Ink and how our team can help you aim for truly transformative work? We’d love to chat. 

Our missionaries are here to answer your questions and walk you through the program’s benefits. Reach out today so we can help you design a missionary practice that’s impactful and sustainable without creating an unhealthy culture of dependency.

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