DAY 1 affects DAY 100

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Conviction Compels Us in Disciple Making Movements Guest Blog: By C. Anderson  DNA can be a bit of a faddish buzzword these days. What is the DNA of your group? Your organization? Though perhaps …

By Jean Johnson I sat around a table with those who were determining my fate as a vocational missionary to Cambodia. They were interviewing me based on my

By Jean Johnson Jesus bled red. Jesus bled red for every color. Jesus bled red for the Jew, for the Burmese, for the Ethiopian, for the man, and for the woman. Therefore Christianity belongs to no one …

By Jean Johnson Are you a ‘food truck’ disciple-maker or a ‘restaurant’ disciple-maker? In Part 3 of this ReJesus Missions Series: Jesus’ 8-Fold Pattern of Orthopraxy, we left off with this question:

By Jean Johnson Was Jesus’ primary invitation to the rich young ruler about giving everything to the poor or about inviting him to become poor for a purpose?

By Jean Johnson Re-Jesus Missions Series Part 3: Jesus’ 8-Fold Pattern of Orthopraxy In Part 2 of this blog series How Does Jesus’ Synagogue and Mountainside Talk Affect Missions?, we left off with th …

By Jean Johnson It seems like on some subconscious level . . . We doubt Jesus is enough based on His own merit . . . It’s like we need to win people to something else to win them to Jesus.

By Jean Johnson DAY 1 affects DAY 100* I can’t understand why Sopheap decided to revert back to Buddhism after seemingly becoming a devoted Christ follower.