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My dog howled every time I hit a certain note on my bamboo flute. He would lift up his head and cry as if he were calling upon a sweetheart in another village. I am not musically inclined in any form …

DAY 1 Affects DAY 100: Habitudes* Habitude 6: Overcome the Spitting Dragon Who Wants to Send You Home By Jean JohsnonWhen serving in Cambodia as a vocational missionary, I saw many missionaries come a …

By Jean Johnson I sat around a table with those who were determining my fate as a vocational missionary to Cambodia. They were interviewing me based on my

By Jean Johnson Learn the language people argue in! This was my response to the question: “If people speak two or three languages, which language would I recommend a missionary should learn and use?

By Jean Johnson Cross-cultural learning is not a means to ministry; it is ministry. Learning is generosity—a gift to those we serve around the world.

By Jean Johnson Was Jesus’ primary invitation to the rich young ruler about giving everything to the poor or about inviting him to become poor for a purpose?