We Are Not The Hero Small Group Resources

There have been many requests from the We Are Not The Hero readership for a Participant’s Guide to accompany the book. Five Stones Global has responded to these requests. We have created a We Are Not The Hero Participant’s Guide in digital and hardcopy format. The Participant’s Guide is rich with color, intrigue, and application.

In the Participant’s Guide, there are six lessons to process the book and six videos to launch each lesson. Start each lesson with the BIG IDEA delivered through a video. Internalize and explore the content with stimulating QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER. Ensure you capture the important principles via SUM IT ALL UP. Apply the concepts and principles through ACTION STEPS.


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We Are Not the Hero Workshop and Coaching

To request or inquire about We Are Not The Hero workshops, coaching, and guest speakers, please email admin@fivestonesglobal.org or contact us: 717-298-4198.

Description of We Are Not The Hero Book

While globalization gives North American Christians unprecedented opportunities to influence the world, we need to take care not to slip into a type of postmodern colonialism in which we make ourselves the experts or the ‘hero come to save the day.’ The day has come when all of us who influence or practice missions need to intentionally guide others to look to God and to their own communities for resources, solutions, creativity, ingenuity, hard work, and interdependence, instead of making them perpetual recipients of all the good things we can do for them. In We Are Not the Hero, missionary Jean Johnson shares lessons learned from her sixteen years in Cambodia, in an area known as the Killing Fields, including why our North American culture, church experiences, and financial solutions to church growth will not work elsewhere.