Customized Training


Five Stones Global’s customized training is tailored to a specific emphasis (such as church planting, oral strategies, or storytelling) or specific settings (such as teams, training centers, or universities). We offer face-to-face, email, phone, and Skype training to individuals, teams, training centers, universities, area field studies, and interval training.

During the customized training process, a special emphasis may include on-the-job leadership training, oral strategies, Chronological Bible storying, worldview strategic discipleship, UPG (Unreached People Groups), and leadership development.

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Five Stones Global’s Customized Training Program Includes:

  • Customized teaching and learning plan
  • A combination of teaching, participation, and engagement
  • A degree of challenge
  • User-friendly tools

Customized Training Desired Outcomes:

  • Increased theoretical and practical understanding of the topic
  • Enhanced vision and motivation
  • Critical thinking skills and increased capacity

PAULA HOLMBECK – Wife of YWAM base director

“Since my husband and I work with a world-wide missions organization, I believe Five Stones Global’s teaching will be very valuable to us in the years to come for training our young staff and students before they venture out onto the foreign field. I appreciate their laid-back style and non-pushy presentation of the wellspring of information and experience that was obviously within their hearts and lives.”