Awareness Conversations


Awareness conversations are an opportunity to meet with a Five Stones Global coach to dialogue and ask questions about creating a global mission context of sustainability, dignity, and possibility in Great Commission efforts around the world.

These conversations are informal, yet purposeful, in nature and can take place in a variety of ways such as conversations at a coffee shop, chats with life groups, evenings with college students, a book discussion, or one-on-one dialogues.

Some of the best discoveries happen in living rooms, at a picnic table, in the commons of a college campus, or over a cup of tea.

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Steve – US Army Chaplain

Also, I wanted to pass on that I very much appreciated Jean’s recent work, ‘We Are Not The Hero,’ [Jean Johnson-Five Stones Global Missionary & Coach] both personally and professionally. As an active duty US Army Chaplain and trained counselor, I found her insights and research very helpful and challenging.”