Our Strategy

Our strategic framework triangulates three “edges” in order to encourage a culture of local sustainability and spontaneous multiplication: (1) prophetic, (2) coaching-training, and (3) community.

Prophetic Edge

Five Stones Global, Our Strategy

The prophetic edge invites people to sense the need and see the urgency to create a global mission context of sustainability, dignity, and possibility.

Coaching-Training Edge

The coaching-training edge is designed to inherently build people’s vision, critical thinking skills, and capacity to imagine new possibilities and apply new strategies that produce a culture of local sustainability and spontaneous multiplication.


Community Edge


The community edge mobilizes those who are building a culture of local sustainability and spontaneous multiplication to pray, meet, support, encourage, and teach one another for the maximum impact—ultimately, to create a movement.

Three-Fold Edge Phases

Through the combination of the Three-Fold Edge, Five Stones Global moves practitioners, mobilizers, senders, and support people through these four phases of transformation:

Feel It!
Sense the Urgency
See It!
Desire Healthy Outcomes
Imagine It!
Envision New Possibilities
Apply It!
Implement New Strategies