Our Role

Five Stones Global shapes its services around three integrated components in order to inspire and equip the mission community to carry out their work through the lens of dignity, sustainability, and multiplication.


Five Stones Global
Five Stones Global shines light on the problem of unhealthy dependency and the need for solutions outside of the current dependency mindset.


Five Stones Global equips the mission community to build a culture of local dignity, sustainability, and multiplication in their global efforts through our coaching, training, and resource development.


Five Stones Global provides a forum for those who practice missions through the lens of dignity, sustainability, and multiplication to pray for one another, encourage each other, and share ideas.

The Process of Change

Five Stones Global moves people through these four stages of change:

  • Sense It! – Sense a need for change
  • Desire It! – Desire a better future
  • Imagine It! – Imagine new possibilities
  • Apply It! – Apply new strategies

Mark Zook – The late missionary to Papua New Guinea, New Tribes Mission Stated

Missionaries, led by the Lord to engage in cross-cultural missions, face many challenges and first-time opportunities.

Where do I begin?
What should I do?
What should I not do?

Five Stones Global focuses on the importance of missionaries working from the beginning of their ministry toward the end goal of leading churches to be self-reliant. To lean continually upon the crutch of foreign resources is not a viable option.

Five Stones Global’s expertise, via qualified personnel and trustworthy resources, will help missionaries avoid having an ahaa moment when they commonly say, ‘I wish I had known these principles before starting my ministry.’ Five Stones Global’s practical and doable principles for establishing self-reliant churches should be part of every cross-cultural worker’s toolkit.