Our Purpose

Five Stones Global’ was incorporated on July 11, 1983 under the Nonprofit Corporation Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to honor Christ by fulfilling the Great Commission in our generation.

The long-term vision and goal of Five Stones Global is to transform the global mission context to one of sustainability, dignity, and possibility.

With the Great Commission in mind, Five Stones Global promotes the development of local leadership, local funding, local decision-making, and mission outreach among churches and ministries worldwide. This is accomplished through the publication of literature, consultations, teaching and training, coaching, and conferences for organizations, missionaries, churches, and missional leaders.

Since the beginning of Five Stones Global in the 1980s, we have sought to accomplish our purpose through the following initiatives:

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Unreached People Groups

Five Stones Global inspires Christ followers to make the Great Commission a high priority by committing themselves, their talents, and their resources to make disciples of all nations. This commitment includes an apostolic focus on people groups who do not have a community of Christ followers within their people group.

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Empowering Christ Followers to Fulfill Their Calling

Five Stones Global encourages Christ followers and communities to believe they have everything they need within them to fulfill their calling to make disciples of Jesus.

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Motivating and Equipping Committed Christ Followers

Five Stones Global motivates and equips Christ followers to develop cross-cultural sensitivity and skills that will help to achieve the purpose of spreading the Gospel globally.

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Services to Churches

Five Stones Global’ services are centered around the aim to build-in local sustainability and spontaneous multiplication in Great Commission efforts. Five Stones Global coaching and training is for one-to-one or one-to-team relationships using teaching, conversations, listening, and questions to grow people and paradigms towards the above aim.

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Services to Leaders

Five Stones Global is dedicated to empowering, equipping, and mobilizing missionaries, missionaries-in-training, disciples-makers, church planters, leaders, and churches to build a culture of local sustainability and spontaneous multiplication in Great Commission efforts.

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Services to Organizations

Five Stones Global serves churches and mission organizations by offering consultation regarding missiological perspectives and organizational leadership development.

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Financial Structure

Five Stones Global invites Christ followers to participate in the Great Commission by investing resources in mission efforts that promote indigenous sustainability, dignity, stewardship, and self-responsibility.

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Rev. Dr. Michael Lloyd – Principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

Oh, how this speaks to me as I prepare to launch a new work. Thank you for your insights and fortitude to experience and report with Spirit led integrity. (Amazon Book Review of We Are Not The Hero)