Organizational Mission

The Pulpit Rock
Five Stones Global(Five Stones Global) is a Christian faith-based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing a movement of Christ-followers who make disciples and plant churches without creating a culture of dependency in global missions.

Our Mission

Five Stones Global’ mission is to mobilize a movement of Christ followers who build a culture of local sustainability and spontaneous multiplication in Great Commission efforts.
Local Sustainability empowers people to birth, grow, sustain, and reproduce their own efforts through local dignity, local vision, local resources, local creativity, and local leadership. Multiplication is a result of sustainability. Disciples, churches, ministries, and leaders are capable of multiplying themselves and their efforts over the long-term because they are healthy and sustainable from the beginning.


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The Why of Five Stones Global

We exist to awaken a global apostolic ethos that is biblically rooted and culturally engaged rather then westernized..

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The How of Five Stones Global

We accomplish this through transforming the way people do cross-cultural missions from ethnocentric models that create an unhealthy culture of dependency to models that create a culture of healthy local-sufficiency.

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The What of Five Stones Global

Ultimately, we desire for indigenous people groups and their respective communities (those on the “receiving end” of missions) to benefit from a context of sustainability, dignity, and possibility.