Who We Serve

We serve the sent, the senders, the trainers, and the recipients of mission efforts.

It is becoming clear that sustainability and unhealthy dependency in missions needs some serious evaluation. Our church missions team felt a stirring to take a closer look at our missions involvement. We called upon Five Stones Global. The training we have received from them has been absolutely invaluable.
~ TROY GROVES – Musician and husband of Sara Groves, missions council member at Cedar Valley Church, Bloomington, MN

I’m . . . a Filipino missionary in Battambang, Cambodia for almost 9 years now. Oh boy, everything you said is just sooooo true. I, together with my wife have started ministries with methods that are not sustainable and cultural adaptable. I really loved the story you shared about the Mongolian believers who milked their yaks and would throw a cup of milk up in the air as an act of worship. I am sharing new ideas with those whom I disciple every week.
~ D. G. – Filipino Missionary in Cambodia